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Discover business opportunities in the US & Mexico with our creative, efficient and expert solutions. Unlock the Hispanic Market potential for your sector.

Looking for investors interested in new business opportunities in the United States and Mexico.

Targeted Market Knowledge

  • Our expert partners have the knowledge and experience of the Hispanic and US market to successfully implement targeted marketing campaigns for Mexican investors. 
  • Comprehensive Strategies: By understanding the Hispanic Market, we develop business strategies that best utilize this demographic and get Mexican investors maximum ROI. 

  • Strategic Business Partnerships: Utilizing our extensive network of partners in Mexico and the United States, we provide consulting services to Mexican investors on successful business development initiatives.

Discover Opportunities

  • Connect with qualified specialists and potential business partners in the United States and Mexico to maximize the benefits of investing in both markets.

Implement Business Strategies

  • Count on professional advice and trusted resources to implement strategies for successful investments that bring rewards for the investor.

Tap into the Hispanic Market

  • Our experience and native knowledge allows us to target the Hispanic market effectively, with expert solutions that meet the specific needs of investors.

Make Connections

  • Establish valuable connections to the business world of Mexico and the USA to get the most out of your investments.

Gather Information

  • Make use of valuable data gathered from experts and financial advisors to gain insight into which opportunities are the most lucrative and feasible.

Execute Strategy

  • With guidance from experienced technicians, craft a strategy and make use of it with confidence, in order to achieve optimal results for your investments.

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About EG&A Corporation

We were established in 2004 and have experience in more than 200 business transactions. We have over 15 years of experience building professional relationships in English and Spanish with foreign and business investors. Our partners have master degrees in Business Administration, Technology, Arts and Education. 

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